Where is agricultural biodiversity in the Post-2020 GBF?

By African Centre for Biodiversity

While the post 2020 GBF attempts to deal with the indirect and direct drivers of biodiversity decline, as outlined by IPBES and the Global Biodiversity Outlook reports, it remains glaringly weak, with serious and severe gaps. We wonder, where does the post 2020 GBF deal with the all-important role of agricultural biodiversity and its stewards? 

Not only is agricultural biodiversity directly linked to all the elements of the CBD, it is essential to maintain/protect such biodiversity into the future for restoration, food security and building resilience in the face of an ever-changing climate. It is also fundamental and crucial that the GBF makes specific reference to the rights and roles of smallholder farmers. Specifically it should be also addressing farmers' on-farm, in situ work in relation to the conservation and sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity. 

The focus under Target 10 on productivity,  is not relevant to the CBD, and thus should be removed. Specific references to agroecology should be supported as well as the interconnections between agroecology and the maintenance of biodiversity including agricultural biodiversity. Parties should commit to achieving food systems that serve people and the planet, grounded in human rights, biodiversity, ecological integrity and socio-ecological wellbeing. 

While Target 4 refers to in-situ conservation (although still in brackets), specific reference should be made to agricultural biodiversity and its contribution to the conservation and development of plant genetic resources, which constitute the basis of food and agriculture security throughout the world as contemplated by the ITPGRFA. The objectives of the ITPGRFA specifically require that the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture be coherent  and in synergy with the CBD, for sustainable agriculture and enhanced food security. Conversely, the goals and targets of the GBF can only be achieved if closely linked to the ITPGRFA. 

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